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The rise of the B2B Sharing Economy

What if more businesses start sharing their physical resources with each others in the year 2022? Our objective is to make business more sustainable. We believe the emerging of new technology such as Artificial Intelligent (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) or Augment Reality (AR) will make this happen. Here’s are the benefits of B2B Sharing Economy: 

Avoid Large Capital Investment

Seeking underused storage space enabling large companies as well as e-commerce start up to cost effectively scale their business without building a warehouse

Reduce Operating Cost

Rather than signing a long-term costly commercial lease, companies now can rent sharing office on demand. Move in and move out anytime without the hassle.

New Revenue for Business Space Owner

Commercial office buildings are only 30% occupancy rate. The owner of these underused facilities can temporarily rent it out for on-demand storage or workspace.

Innovate Faster & Cheaper

Brand owners can book a short term pop-stores in a high traffic locations to test their products or launch a new product to the market. The store owners also can benefited from the rental income.

sharing Your Business Space

if you have extra space in your warehouse, office, hotel kitchen, retail shops that are willing to share with other business owners, we are welcome to spaces big and small from the best landlords. 

Looking for Space

From restaurateurs hunting for cut-rate space in the pandemic to warehouse storage or pop-up stores. We’re more than space rental, We help entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life in brick and mortar space. 

Connecting B2B Sharing Spaces through App


We are working hard to create the world class app that enables space owners easily use mobile device to capture any space and turn it into an immersive 3D Digital. It will also allow the someone looking for space to make better decision before physically visit the place and save more time. 


More Space

If you are looking for space that we are not thought of kindly drop an email to us. We are happy to listen your needs. 


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