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Kuala Lumpur

Virtual Office in Kuala Lumpur

The economy in Malaysia has boomed in recent years and as a result more professionals than ever are working from home, many on a freelance basis. Freelancing has plenty of advantages: freedom to make your own schedule, the ability to choose your projects, and sometimes even higher rates of pay. However, the downside is that many potential clients are looking for the reassurance that comes with hiring a larger organisation. So how do you get the best of both worlds?

Virtual offices have been developed specifically to target this issue. Using a virtual office allows you to work where you want, but your clients will send mail and place calls to a professional office address.

If you look up Novo Smart Office, Incube-8 and similar organizations, you will see that cheap virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur found here are excellent in terms of quality and professionalism. They offer a range of services: everything from direct courier delivery of parcels to a dedicated phone number. Many companies even offer a professional receptionist to answer calls on your behalf.

These offices do not exist solely in a virtual space, however. Most services will allow you to use meeting rooms for a certain amount of time per month, which is perfect for meeting with (and impressing) potential clients. And if you are getting lonely working from home, you can hot desk in the office for a certain number of hours per month. There is also the option of using a private office, which is invaluable if you are struggling to stay focused.

Of course, the level of service you get with a virtual office really depends on how much you pay. Most providers offer payment plans, and services like call forwarding, hot desking, and mail delivery vary depending on the plan you have chosen.

The size of the company itself also makes a difference. Organisations like vOffice have numerous locations, giving you considerable choice when it comes to meeting rooms and office space. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, can offer a more personalised service and are sometimes a little less expensive.

If you are looking for cheap virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur, your best bet is to determine your needs first of all and then shop around. A virtual office is designed to help your business and make life easier, and finding the right one is a big part of that.